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Attention! has not launched yet, we do not provide with any service and website is under development. – online Peer-to-Peer lending platform

SatangDee it the first Thai Online Peer-to-Peer Lending platform, which uses technology to operate a credit\invest marketplace at a lower cost than traditional banks or Financial institutions loan programs, passing the savings on to borrowers in the for, of lower rates and to investors in the form of solid returns.
SatangDee P2P money lending platform connects and matches two types of users: Borrowers and Lenders (or Investors) – through the online marketplace.

Are you a Borrower? Get offer better than banks do and do not overpay to loan sharks!

Each Borrower creates in the system personal account, submit personal details and pass it’s verification. After what system calculates Borrower’s maximum loan amount, interest rate and term of loan. All these data is recommended only and allows to the Investors estimate loan default risk. To apply for a loan, Borrower can choose loan amount and term in allowed range and apply for funding, each loan also should be provided with description of it’s purpose.
SatangDee staff moderates each application and offers to our partners-Financial Institutions to lend money to the Borrower. This review takes up to 24 hours, if no any Institutional Lender choose to lend, the application moves to the list available for registered individual Lenders or Investors.
Since some Lender has a question on application or agrees to lend money, Borrower receives sms and email notification with update. When all conditions negotiated, Lender and Borrower can meet in person, sign loan contract which SatangDee generates in accounts and just only need to print. All loans of this type can be maximum 15% annual interest rate and SatangDee requires to upload in account all documents such as Loan contract and Confirmations on repayments to track Borrower and Lender activity.
Successfully repaid loan increases rating of Borrower in the system and next loans can be received with lower interest rate.

Are you an Investor? Get up to 15% investment returns on your investment through money lending to reliable Borrowers!

SatangDee offers you to lend money to reliable individual Borrowers who pass full verification process by our side and Borrower credit risks calculation. You can choose from the list any Borrower and review his loan application, clarify necessary details and make desicion to lend money. Lending process conducts on personal meeting with Borrower, where you sign contract (with collateral or without it). SatangDee provides you with all contracts types and legal support through the process.
When loan is issued, you only need to upload in account the Loan contract photo and get on website the notifications about repayments from the borrower, which he uploads in Borrower account. In the case of Default of Loan Delinquency, our partner Debts Collection Agency provides you with full-featured services to protect your interests.
Register as Investor and try new efficient investment tool for a low fee right now! Also re recommend these resources: สินเชื่อ ธนาคารไหนอนุมัติง่าย, เศรษฐีใจดีให้ยืมเงิน, ห้าให้มันนี่ ios, ต้องการเงินด่วนฉุกเฉินวันนี้ and ยืมเงินฉุกเฉิน 5000 ด่วนกรุงไทย.